Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
How Do I Get My Website On The First Page Of Google?

using your own
web portal?

If you expect to create a strong brand on the Internet, you need to remember that its construction requires right strategy. We draw on experience that the best tactic in creating any business is to think like your customer.

First of all, the brand begins in the consumer's head - a good brand is a choice that customers make. Whether or not they choose your start-up depends mainly on whether you are able to offer them what they really need.

Web portals of your start-ups
must be simple and effective.
Simple to use and effective
in achieving previously set goals.

Despite the huge competition in many industries, it is still very common that Internet users do not get what they really ask for: quick response to their questions, reliable information, good advice or current timetable which will appear no matter how they enter the date and day of the travel.

We assure you that our team can provide these services much better! The websites created by us are well-thought-out and easy to use. Our original Content Management System (CMS) significantly improves the management of the website. Therefore the navigation of web portals we create is intuitive and efficient and the graphics are clear and readable.

Trust experienced specialists who are able to effectively use the greatest advantages of the Internet and its unlimited access. Furthermore endless advertisement opportunities will help your website win the market and take the lead.


To Co-operate with us and bring real profits to your company

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Paid Marketing
The easiest way to bring more traffic to your website
and consequently business is through Ads

Straight to the goal. The Internet user is the most willing to follow this principle.

We will create your web portal in a way that makes life easier for its users. Fast loading, ability to deal with a large number of visitors, clear arrangement of subpages and efficient operation of your website will encourage users to visit it again.

A well-functioning website showcases your company at its best. Especially now, when users increasingly perceive enterprises through their online activities.

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From Onsite optimisation to Offsite,
we implement SEO strategies to boost your online presence.

A well-designed web portal takes into consideration the needs of those who manage it.

The website designed by us allows you to easily and quickly add content, upload photos and use all available options.

Our effective content management system (CMS) will help you achieve your goals.

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We provide affordable
SMM services

The esthetic design and extraordinary graphic solutions significantly increase the value of your web portal.

We will create your website drawing on our best experience. Appropriate balance between graphics, text and multimedia elements will ensure proper transparency.

Thanks to sophisticated graphics your website will be recognizable and memorable.

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Content Marketing
Content Marketing is aimed to give potential customers
what they want – Information and Entertainment.

The task of each web portal is to meet its goals. For that reason it is important to focus all marketing activities on it.

When you decide to order a project from our company, you receive a web portal adjusted to the requirements of the modern online marketing.

It is fully optimized, compliant with latest Search Engine Optimization standards and constructed to support marketing activities.

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Web Analytics
Analysis of web data
For the purposes of understanding,

Due to many years of experience, our team of programmers creates stable websites adapted to the requirements of a large number of users.

By entrusting us with the project, you can be sure it is created in accordance with all the latest standards, including recently popular Responsive Web Design (RWD) norms.

All these solutions will attract customers to your website and place it among the best on the market.

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We Provide SMO
Services to our Clients.

We consider each project individually and its functionality is always consulted with the ordering party.

In this way, we create unique websites adjusted to the expectations of our clients both from the programming and design side.

You can count on our support at every stage of the project.


Why should you choose SiteGuru Software Solutions ?

With an individual

We create original projects adjusted strictly to the needs and expectations of the client.

& experience

Guarantee that in our projects we use expert solutions in accordance with the latest standards.

The Customer is
the most important.

For this reason we provide the highest quality, competitive price and technical support.

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